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Beauty - Truth - Good

Our Gaze

Art is the activity and product that man creates, and he does it with an axiological, transcendental, aesthetical, and communicative purpose. It is also a face of reality, ideas, or a feeling presented in beautiful and sublime forms, using matter, image, language or sound.
Artistic oligarchy broke with tradition and knowledge acquired over thousands of years that allowed art to reach a great level. This break with the historical legacy of art began in 1800 after the French Revolution, and it was most recently accentuated by the ideas of Gramsci (Communist-Atheist), The Frankfurt School (Marxists-Atheists) and the French Faucault, Derrida, etc., who created postmodernism (Marxists, Atheists and Paedophiles). Today, after occupying all cultural segments and spaces, postmodernism or contemporary art is today "Mainstream Art".
We do not believe in deconstructing society, art, and human beings. On the contrary, we believe that the only way to improve and even overcome Western civilization is by relying on the best of it, and once recovered the foundations that led it to be the best of civilizations, we may continue from there. That is why we are artists in resistance, in resistance to "Mainstream Art."


Look at our virtual Gallery where you will find the works of the artists that are members of our organization and their biographies. Also a special Gallery only for the artists selected from our calls and much more.

Exposición de retratos


Participate in our International Artistic Call for Painting and Drawing, focused on contemporary realistic figuration, in pursuit of rescuing the noblest historical ethical and aesthetic values of Western civilization. Titled: " SEEKING BEAUTY "


Enter our store and buy online our books, catalogs of the exhibitions of the calls, group exhibitions and individual artists, art essays, technical manuals and also Oleographs (high-level reproductions) certified and signed by the artists themselves.

Two young woman working in printing fact
Audiencia y Profesor


Find the Workshop, Conference or Course you need, such as Art History, Philosophy, Cultural Policy, Painting, Drawing, Violin, Cello, Theater, Narrative, and many more. Online and in person.

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