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Fundación Arte Real y Artistas Libres , is pleased to present its first call, the International Artistic Call for Painting, Drawing and Sculpture TRUE ART , focused on Contemporary Realist Figurative art, whose theme for 2021 is "SEEKING BEAUTY"

The best 20 Works will be selected, of which a first recognition of $ 20,000,000-CLP $ 30,000.00-USD a second and third place, and 4 honorable mentions will be awarded. Plus a fund of $ 50,000,000.00 CLP - $ 71,500.00 USD for the "acquisition of works" that will become part of our museum in formation.

The selected works will be part of an international tour that will last one year, which includes countries in South America, the USA, the EU and Russia.
A catalog book of the exhibition will be made, which will have an international distribution and from which the selected artists will participate with 0.5% of the profits for 5 years.

Alessandro Turchi - David with the Head


  • Theme of the Call: "SEEKING BEAUTY", is the central engine of the call, which can be executed freely in any modality: Human Figure, Still Life, Landscapes, Scenes, etc.

  • The call is open: anyone can participate,
    of any age, of any nationality, whether professional or amateur artist.

  • Multiple Works by Author: You can participate with all the works you deem appropriate and in all the categories you want. Each work requires its own registration.

  • Original Work : The work must have been made by the author's own hand, and the image in which it is inspired must also be original of their own creation. No work that is based on an image created by another person or with copyright restrictions will not be accepted.

  • Noble Techniques : Any type of technique and materials will be accepted but priority will be given to Noble materials and techniques, that is; execution processes and materials that have proven through centuries, their permanence and immutability over the years.


  • Registration Value : $ 27,000.00- CLP or $ 40.00- USD

  • Work Transfer Costs : The costs of shipping and return of the works are borne by the participant, as well as any tax rate, hospitalization, customs, etc. Delivered Duty Paid.

  • Insurance : Run by the participant. These are not mandatory, it is an individual and voluntary option, which the participant can take only if he requires it.


  • Painting and Drawing : Minimum dimensions of 50 x 50 cm and maximum of 200 x 180 cm.

  • Sculpture : minimum dimensions of 50 cm and maximum of 180 cm without counting support or plinth.


  • Painting : The works must be presented without framing or at most, a simple exhibition frame (strip or simple molding).

  • Drawing : The works must be presented framed between acrylics.

  • Sculpture : The works must not weigh more than 150 kilos.


To participate you must register your work with all the required data and those of the author, using the registration form, between Monday , March 15, 2021 until October 8 , 2021
The following link button will send you to the form:

david art Renaissance Miguel Angel.jpg


  • Ntil the October 8, 2021 23:59 hrs GMT -3 received will be considered valid registration to the call.

  • On October 11 and 12, the Jury will carry out the virtual preselection.

  • On October 13, 2021, the 100 preselected will be notified via email, which will have a term of up to

  • On November 02, 2021, so that your work is physically in our facilities.

  • On November 03 and 04, the jury will meet to deliberate.

  • On November 05, 2021, the Jury will announce which are the finalists and the winners.

  • On November 06, 2021, the Inaugural ceremony of the exhibition and the awards ceremony will be held.

  • The exhibition will be open for fifteen days, once the inaugural exhibition is over, the selected works will begin with international presentations in various Galleries, Museums and Showrooms around the world, for a period of 10 months.


  • The authors of the "not selected" works will be acknowledged by the simple absence of the list of selected ones. They will have a period of 1 month from November 6, 2021 to manage the withdrawal of their work (deadline December 10, 2021). All the expenses of this operation are borne by the author. If the work is not removed within the established period, the work is considered donated to the Foundation and becomes part of the MARC Museum in formation.


The Jury is made up of:

  • Ricardo Ramírez - Artist - Painter / Pdte. Foundation

  • J. Enrique Gonzalez -Artist / Artelibre Gallery Director / MEAM

  • Didi Menendez - Artist / Dir. PoestsArtists / Editor

  • p. Rodrigo Miranda - Artist / Art Doc - Painter

  • Osvaldo Rivera - Cultural Manager

The Jury's Decision is final

Sebastiano Ricci -1700-3.jpg


  • With the mere fact of registering in the call, the rules and conditions of the call are accepted. Granting, in the case of finalist works, the right to use the image for catalog publications, diffusion, publicity of this and future calls, etc.

  • The Awarded Works will become part of the MARC Foundation and Museum; acquiring the rights of: exhibition, reproduction, publication and sale.

  • Works that hold a rights session to other institutions must inform it before the jury's deliberation process.

  • The Works received by the Foundation will be treated with the utmost care, but in case of damage during shipment, the repairs are the responsibility of the participant. Insurance is voluntary.

8- Acceptance Clause

  • With the mere fact of registering in the call, it is assumed that the participant is aware and accepts all the clauses of the contest listed here, plus any other measure not declared, that the organization of the call ensuring the proper functioning and spirit of it must be forced to drink; for example: modifications in the scheduling of programming due to restrictions imposed by the State attributed to the virus, etc., which in no case will shorten the deadlines already programmed.

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