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The Community of Artists welcomes you, Join our community and begin to internalize what our artists are creating or share your own creation today. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

"Art invites us to develop the beauty of existence, fully living its moral demands, and tirelessly searching for the truth"

Karol Wojtyla

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We are a Community of Free and Independent Artists and Thinkers, Artists who are creating in different historical disciplines, such as; Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Music, Letters and Cinema. That we do not share the position of current hegemonic art, "official art", which seeks the degradation and deconstruction of all our Western values, both formally and aesthetically and ethically, and mostly for perverse purposes associated with an ideology anti-democratic totalitarian international socialist politician


October 01, 2020

Recover true art, return to the search for beauty (the good), the search for truth, transcendence, form and natural aesthetics. Recover and give value to art in its entirety. Using true art as the evolutionary cusp of our civilization. Recovering the clear parameters of academic formality, separating what is right from what is wrong, assimilating and not unknown four centuries of evolution - from 1400 to 1800 and from a solid base, continuing the path truncated by violence

Performing arts

October 11, 2020

The sacred theater can be considered its cause of appearance. The Greek theater was born as one more of the musical and poetic sacred competitions (in Rome floral games). He is considered the founder of the theater, Thespis, of Athens (536 BC). The theater quickly acquired, especially in tragedies, an obvious ritual and spiritual function. It emphasized its purifying function (catharsis) in addition to the transmission of high moral values; and to inform viewers of their role as men as men and citizens within the polis and the cosmos along with other men and the gods, and invited them to identify with the heroes led by their destiny on a transcendent mission

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Notebook y Retenedores

Letters - Poetry - Philosophy

February 11, 2025

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February 11, 2025

Music (from the Greek : μουσική [τέχνη] - mousikē [téchnē], "the art of the muses") is the art of sensibly and logically organizing a coherent combination of sounds and silences while respecting the fundamental principles of melody, harmony and rhythm, In Ancient Greece, in which poetry, music and dance were brought together without distinction as a unitary art.

Music, like all artistic manifestations, is a cultural product with multiple purposes, among others, to arouse an aesthetic experience in the listener, to express feelings, emotions, circumstances, thoughts or ideas.

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The cinema (cinematography). Etymologically, the word "cinematography" was a neologism created at the end of the nineteenth century and composed of two Greek words: on the one hand (kiné), which means "movement" (see, among others, "kinetic", "kinetic" , «Kinesis», «cineteca»); and on the other γραφóς (graphs). This was intended to define the concept of "moving image".

As a way of narrating stories or events, cinema is an art, and commonly, considering the six arts of the classical world, it is called the "seventh art." Television creations that deal with narrative, montage, screenwriting, and that in most cases consider the director as the true author, are considered artistic manifestations, or art cinema (art cinema).

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