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Don't break your heart

Don't break your heart

SKU: VK-00001

Contributing with stories and meaning them to turn them into a route to the heart of those who read them is the objective of this book. It is by traveling that route that we can heal the wounds that we carry and rediscover ourselves as women who love. So in each of the eight stories on the pages that follow, there are tools to help us transform pain and bad emotional experiences into a deeper state of awareness. It is from this state that we can create foundations to affirm ourselves, opening the possibilities of understanding what happens to us and of giving that wisdom to the people we love. No matter our age, every time we give ourselves the opportunity to love again, even if we fail, we can do magic: transform this experience into a story that serves all the people around us. As it happened with a lady I met recently. In her seventies she clutched her head as she recalled her last relationship, wondering "how did I ever sink so low." And the truth is that, as she recognized me well, "when I fall in love I am still fifteen years old." Transforming your experience into an experience can help your daughters, granddaughters, friends, nieces and many other women to deepen their own learning. In this book, through the eight stories that I present, readers will be able to extract tools that make it easier for them to become the magicians of their own lives, turning pain and disappointment into stories that help us all.


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  • Book

    Soft cover book,
    Glued binding.

180 Grams
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