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The human being operates in a material and an immaterial dimension of existence, it is present before him and man writes his destiny in and with it. By not being alone, they recognize their creative power, purely spiritual, in coexistence with their peers, giving way to communication, and by using this tool they register their relationship with the world around them and anticipate their actions.


Gathered around their achievements and experiences in the world, men

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Juan Cristobal Demian


It seems almost trivial to talk about beauty on days like these. We are in the midst of a social crisis and a pandemic that seem to be much more important problems than art or beauty, words that until the beginning of the last century were close to synonymy, but that today seem to be further away than ever. "Art is completely useless," Oscar Wilde once said, but, as Sir Roger Scruton explained well, what he meant was that courage ...


Arturo ruiz

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